Beard World Records

The Longest Beard Ever (Male)

Hans Nilsen Langseth - 17ft 6in

The Longest Beard Ever (Female)

Jane Devere - 14in

The Longest Beard on a Living Man

Sarwan Singh - 8ft 2.5in

The Longest Beard on a Living Woman

Vivian Elaine Wheeler - 11in

The Longest Beard in Britain (Ever)

Amos Shrigley Broadhurst - 14ft

The Longest Beard in Britain (Living Man) (Unofficial)

Paul Matthew Wright - 2ft 3in

The Most Toothpicks in a Beard

10/3/2013 - Jeff Langum - 3,157 toothpicks

Heaviest Weight Lifted by a Beard

26/6/2013 - Antanas Kontrimas - person weighing 140lb 16oz (63.80kg)

Most Wins at the World Beard and Moustache Championships

Karl-Heinz Hille - 8 wins

Largest Gathering of Monkey Tail Beards

In Israel on the 17th of May 2013 - 244 people

Longest Beard Chain

20 People measuring 62ft 6in (19.05m)

Heaviest Train Pulled with a Beard

15/11/2001 - Ismael Rivas Falcon - 6,069lb (2,753.1kg)

Largest Beard and Moustache Championships

12th of February 2011 in USA - 462 competitors

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