Hair Links
Marianne's website about her 5ft hair!
Beard Care Products Online shop.
A documentary about the social
politics of facial hair.
You can grow the beard of your dreams...
To facilitate the cordial and
practical discussion of beards...
Everybody knows that beard is
the word.
A networking site for men
who wear or are admirers of
facial hair.
Putting the Bearded back in Man.
A place dedicated to man's
greatest achievement: The Beard.
A site about 'Beardo' a beard
The essential guide to beards
and beyond.
An Australian band.
The longest-running beard site
on the web.
Beard Society, an unfettered community
for the hirsute man.
A celebration of the tradition and
beauty of the beard
10 Very good reasons why you
should grow a giant beard!
A social club specialising in
encouraging and supporting
bearded men...
Beard appreciation website.
A website about growing long beards.
Official site of the longest
beard ever!
Website of Erin Dollar who
makes fake beards.

The Holy City Beard Society
Beard and moustache club from
Holy City, USA.
A worldwide register of beards.
A website about very long hair!
The long hair contest journal.
Great beard related articles.
Bremerton, Washington, USA
beard and moustache club.
Official site of the world beard
and moustache championships.

The World's Longest Beards
The largest collection of very
long beard pictures online.
Blog of Andy from Cleveland who
grew a year beard throughout 2009.

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