Famous People Called Beard

Adrien Beard, American voice actor
Al Beard, former American basketball player
Alana Beard, American basketball player
Amanda Beard, American Olympic swimmer and model
Andrew Jackson Beard, American inventor
Annette Beard, American R&B singer, original member of Martha and the Vandellas
Bert Beard, Australian rules footballer
Bertram Beard, English cricketer
Butch Beard, American basketball player and coach
Charles A. Beard, influential American historian
Clarke Beard, American athlete
Colin Beard, former Australian rules footballer
Daniel Carter Beard, founder of the Sons of Daniel Boone
David Beard, Australian volleyball player
DeLawrence Beard, American judge
Don Beard, New Zealand cricketer
Dympna Beard, Australian politician
Ed Beard, saloon keeper in the American Old West
Ed Beard, American football player
Edward Beard, U.S. congressman from Rhode Island
Elspeth Beard, first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle in the 1980's
Emma Beard, British singer
Frank Beard, American golfer
Frank Beard, drummer in the American rock band ZZ Top, only member of the band not to have a beard
Gary Beard, American politician
George Miller Beard, American neurologist who coined the term "neurasthenia"
Gordon Beard, Canadian politician
Graeme Beard, former Australian cricketer
Hazel Beard, American politician
Henry Beard, founder of the American humor magazine National Lampoon
James Beard, American chef and food writer
Jim Beard, American jazz pianist
Kevin Beard, American football player
Malcolm Beard, former English footballer
Mathew Beard, African-American centenarian, first man to live to 112, 113 and 114
Nigel Beard, British politician
Paul Beard (spiritualist), British president of the College of Psychic Studies
Paul Beard, English violinist, leader of the London Philharmonic and BBC Symphony orchestras
Percy Beard, American track and field athlete
Peter Hill Beard, American photographer
Philip Beard, American novelist
Ralph Beard, former American basketball player
Ralph Beard, American Major League Baseball player
Richard Beard, English photographer
Robin Beard, U. S. congressman from Tennessee
Santonio Beard, American football player
Stephanie Beard, Canadian actress
Tanoka Beard, American basketball player
Trevor Beard, British-Australian medical doctor
William Holbrook Beard, American painter

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