Zachariah Taylor Wilcox
Born April 1847
14 feet

See film footage of Zach and Hans Langseth by clicking the picture below...

Zachariah meeting Hans Langseth

Zachariah and Hans Langseth at the Sacramento Days of '49 Celebrations in 1922

Original caption: Here is the longest beard in the world, for it has been growing for 41 years.
By the beards of the prophets, this is some beard. Since 1881 it has been accumulating at the
point of Zach T. Wilcox's chin, and now, after 41 years, it is said to be the longest beard in
all the world. It is four and one quarter yards long, and that, we say, is going some for a
beard. The owner of the beard lives in Carson City, Nevada, and he vows that he will never cut
the hirsute adornment. It is brushed and combed regularly as any good beard should be.
May 6th 1922

Zach and his brother John

Zach 14th May 1922 - Beard 12ft 3ins