Donna's Beard Page

I have known my friend Donna for 12 years. She is not overly fond of beards but has been to 2 competitions with me and worn a false beard on both occasions.
She asked me to add a page about her beard exploits, so I asked her for some pictures, the results are below:-

Donna met a strongman at TBBMC Bath, 2014

Donna and another knitted beard at TBBMC 2014

Donna in full regalia at TBBMC 2014

Donna with Harnaam Kaur

Donna (Still knitting!)

Donna's first false beard, Bishopstoke Carnival 7th September 2008
and the last known picture of Paul Wright without a beard!

No Donna I said beard not bear!

Donna's first ever selfie and look who shows up!

Donna and another knitted beard at TBBMC in Brighton, 2012

Donna at TBBMC 2012 in Brighton

London trip 2014 album