Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your mouth?

I am often asked this as I have a large moustache and the answer is where it has always been, between my nose and my chin!

How do you eat?

Again I am often asked this because of my large moustache.  The answer is the same way as everyone else! Although I do use the "lift" technique.
The only way I can describe it is to pout your lips which lifts your moustache. So you can pass food underneath and into your mouth.

How can I eat messy foods?

The only tip I can give you is to turn some food upside down.   For example when eating toast with jam, turn the slice upside down before biting into it,
this way your moustache will not be dragged through the jam as you eat it.  The same goes for a hamburger if you have sauce in it.

Why do you/should I grow a beard?

A beard is your face in its natural state.  It is also a secondary sexual characteristic so stop shaving and let your beard break free!
A good answer to the question "Why did you grow a beard?" is "I didn't.  I just didn't stop it from growing!".

Do girls/women like beards?

I think it is fair to say that the majority of women don't like beards, but lots of women do, so you will have to keep searching until you find your pogonophile mate.

Why does my beard itch?

When you start to grow your facial hair your beard will go through an itchy phase.  This is because at first the hairs are short and curl back on themselves thereby
irritating your skin.  After a while the hairs grow longer, don't curl back on themselves and the itching stops.

How long will my beard take to grow?

It depends on your age and genes.  If you are a teen who has just started to grow facial hair then it will grow slowly and patchy at first and then fill in as you get older.
Ultimately your genes decide the speed of your growth.   on average a beard grows about 14cm (5in) per year.

Is there a name for the fear of beards?

Yes.  Pogonophobia.
A sufferer of this is a Pogonophobe.

Is there a name for the love of beards?

Yes.  Pogonophilia.
A lover of beards is a Pogonophile.

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