Facial Hair Dictionary

Beard - 1.Facial hair on a man's chin.
              2.To oppose boldly.
              3.To seize or pluck someone's beard.

Beardy - Having a beard.

Bluebeard - Any man who murders his wife or wives.

Chin Curtain - A beard grown only under the chin.

Dali - A narrow moustache with long points bent
sharply upwards.  From the stlye of painter
Salvador Dali.

Debeard - To remove the beard from a mussel.

English Moustache - A very long, narrow moustache beginning
at the middle of the upper lip and curled slightly upward.

Face Fungus - A derogatory name for facial hair.

Friendly Mutton Chops - Mutton Chops with a moustache.

Fu Manchu - A long moustache that hangs down either
side of the mouth and chin.  Named after
the stlye of Fu Manchu.

Garibaldi - A wide, full beard with an integrated moustache.

Goatee - Hair growing on the chin with shaved cheeks.

Greybeard - An old man or a large stoneware jug for holding spirits.

Handlebar - A small bushy moustache with upward
pointing ends.

Imperial Moustache - The whiskers. growing from the cheeks and
upper lip.  The cheek hair is pointed upward.

Moustache - Hair growing on the upper lip.

Moustache Cup - A cup with a shelf on which the moustache
rests so that it does not come in to contact
with the drink.

Moustache Spoon - A spoon whose bowl has a cover, with a
hole in it, covering half the bowl so the
moustache touches the cover and not the
contents of the spoon.

Musketeer - Narrow pointed goatee with a separate
prominent moustache.

Mutton Chops - Another name for Sideburns.

Pogona - Beadred lizard.

Pogonia - Bearded orchid.

Pogonion - forward most part of chin.

Pogonologist - A person who studies beards professionally.

Pogonology - The study of beards.

Pogonophilia - The love of beards.

Pogonophiliac - A lover of beards.

Pogonophobia - The fear of beards.

Pogonophobiac - A person suffering from pogonophobia.

Pogonotrophist - A person who cultivates facial hair.

Pogonotrophy - The cultivation of facial hair.

Postiche - An ancient Egyptian beard.

Sideburns - Hair growing down either side of the
face but not on the chin.  Named after
General Burnside.

Snood - A protective moustache sock worn
during periods of rest or prolonged

Soul Patch - A small patch of hair just under the bottom lip.

Terminal Length - The length at which a beard will no longer grow.

Van Dyke - A goatee with a moustache.

Verdi - A relatively short, round bottomed beard with a
prominent moustache.

Whiskers - Another name for facial hair.

Wild West Moustache - A large bushy moustache brushed from the
middle to the side of the upper lip.

Yeard - A contraction of the words year and beard.

Yeardiversary - A contraction of the words year, beard and anniversary.

Ziff - Australia/New Zealand slang for a beard.

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