Can you help?
I am looking for pictures of the following people:-

Length of beard
Jules Dumont Born in France in 1856 and died in 1911. 11ft 11.7in
Philip Hensen Lived in Corinth Miss. 10ft
A B Norton Lived in Dallas, Texas. Was a college student in 1844. 12ft 9in
Andre Eberhard Rauber No information available Uknown
Kim Turtenwald Entered hairiest man contest in San Jaun Capistrano California. Uknown
Herr Joseph Ronchett/Rouchett Longest beard in Europe, lived in Ornvasse near Novara. 6ft
Lagrand Larow Lived in Barton County, Missouri 7.5ft
James Brown Lived in Bennington W.VA 7ft
Cornelius C Parmlee Longest beard in state of Connecticut Unknown
A B Faris Lived in Franklin County Tenn 6.9ft
Joel Hunter Lived in Buffalo Valley, Perrysburg, Ohio 8ft 10in
Daniel Butcher Lived in Ashland, Ohio Down to his feet
John J Tanner Lived in Brighton, Mich 9ft
Henry C Cook Lived in Connecticut. Was a tailor. 7ft 2 or 3ins
Uncle Billy Bryden Lived in Pulaski County, Kentucky 8ft
William R Hearst Chairman National Independence League 1907 Down to his feet
J W Martin Lived in St Paul Minn. 6ft

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